Troot is a full service influencer agency

Together with frontline influencers, our experts design and produce unique content that activates audiences. We strategically combine influencer marketing, content formats, paid media and event solutions into effective marketing.

Strategy & Concept

We provide strategic understanding of influencer marketing and holistic ways to influence different audiences. We combine our expertise in influencer marketing, content concepts, paid media and events in an agile way.


Examples of this service

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Influencer Strategies

Due to our extensive experience, we know how to plan the exact influencer marketing solutions that are based on the customer’s marketing strategy. The work may include a plan of action and, if needed, its implementation.

Creative concept

A creative concept begins with the question: How to make a particular subject interesting in the desired target group? Creative conceptualization utilizes a wider range of online and offline channels.


We offer companies training in influencer marketing. Trainings are tailored according to the need and last from an hour to half a day.

Influencer Marketing

Together with influencers, we design and produce creative social media content that engages selected audiences. Each campaign is individually tailored according to the customer’s needs and goals.

  • Influencer Discovery
  • Campaign Management
  • Measuring & reporting

Content production

We design different video concepts from ads to content series to suit different distribution channels. We form the content concept, plan the distribution channels and choose the right producers from our partners.

  • Content design and optimization for different channels
  • Content production
  • Content distribution planning


The events carried out with our influencers make the masses move. We design event concepts that can also be an effective way to bring a content campaign visible for the audience. The TubeTour is one example of our own implementation that brings over 10,000 youngsters together all over Finland. In addition, e.g. Meet & Greets, expert talks and hostings of events are included in our offering.

  • Program planning & production
  • Performances
  • Tours