Troot is a full service influencer agency

Together with frontline influencers, our experts design and produce unique content that activates audiences. We strategically combine influencer marketing, content formats, paid media and event solutions into effective marketing.


We provide strategical Influencer marketing solutions by combining our expertise in influencer marketing, social media content & paid media in an agile way.

Influencer Strategies

Due to our extensive experience, we know how to plan the exact influencer marketing solutions that are based on the customer’s marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing

We have been working in the field of Influencer Marketing since 2014. Our experts plan and execute influencer marketing in local and global markets. We can provide campaign or on-going influencer marketing solutions based on your needs.


  • Concept Developement
  • Influencer Discovery
  • Campaign Management
  • Measuring & reporting

Content production

We help brands in social media content production. Shortform, video production or memes. You name it!

  • Concept Developement
  • Content production
  • Optimization and distribution