Cookie policy


What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are stored by our site into the computer, smart phone or other device you are using to visit our site. We can read only data from the cookies set by our own site, not cookies set by other websites or services.

We are using different kinds of cookies to learn more about our users’ behavior and to give better service to our visitors. Many of our website’s features needs cookies in order to function properly.

We are also using services and features by other companies (so-called third party) and those features can set cookies too. The data centers of these companies can also be hosted outside of EU.

To find out more about cookies and protection check out this guide by EDAA.


We are following the current ruling of FICORA (Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority) based on “Tietoyhteiskuntakaari 205 §”, which doesn’t require websites to use a separate popup in informing users about cookies or require consent. Cookie policy is still mandatory to be mentioned so that user can find out more about cookies. This is the document for that kind of information.

Removing cookies

User can choose from the browser settings which cookies to allow, disallow or remove. Functionality is different in different browsers and you should set cookies for every browser (and device) separately.

You can find best instructions on how to control and remove cookies from each browsers’ help pages by using Google-search “how to remove cookies”. If you don’t find your desired browser from the search results you can add the name of the browser to your search query.

You can also adjust the behaviour of some services/platforms independently. Here are listed the services by third party companies used on our site that may set cookies and how to modify your cookie settings.


AddThis provides the share buttons for our articles and pages. AddThis is collecting information of share counts and also tracks which pages user is visiting.

You can opt-out from:


Disqus provides the comment section for our articles. Disqus also tracks what other pages users are visiting and calculates suggestions of pages that might be interesting for the user based on this behaviour.

Disqus cookie policy:

You can opt-out from:


Facebook is measuring the perfomance of Facebook ads and tells demographics and analytical information of our visitors.

Facebook cookie policy:

Facebook help article on controlling ads:

Facebook settings for advertising:


Google’s cookies make ad targeting possible based on users’ behaviour. More information about cookies set by Google:

We are using the following Google services which can set cookies or track your behaviour:

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a controlling tool which we use to manage scripts used on our website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics makes it possible to make statistical analysis about the visitors of our site and site usage.

You can opt-out from:

Google Ads

Google Ads makes it possible to target advertising based on visits and behaviour.

You can opt-out from:


Most of the videos on our site are embedded as YouTube-videos. YouTube is Google’s video platform, which collects information of their users using cookies to produce analytics for the video creators and to provide more relevant advertising.

YouTube is under Google privacy policy:

You can opt-out from:


Leadfeeder tries to identify and tell from which company the website visitor is coming from. The platform also tells which pages the visitor visited.

Leadfeeder cookie policy: