Influencers have been in our DNA since 2014

Influencers have been in our DNA since 2014 and we’ve carefully hand picked true social media influencers and content creators to our network. Based on customer goals we communicate with the right target audiences in an authentic and brand safe environment.

Together with influencers, our experts design content that activates audiences. We strategically combine influencer marketing, digital content, paid media and event solutions into effective marketing.


Andreas Hellmers

Head of Sales

Daniel Strandberg

Country Manager, Sweden

Tove Traneving



Mikko Väisänen

Head of Sales

Joona Kettunen

Head of Event Sales

Sanna Rousi

Country Manager, Finland

Joona Haatainen

CEO & Partner

Tony Stepanow

Account Director

Esko Asikainen

Creative Strategist, Clients & Partnerships

Simo Liukkonen

Account Director

Nina Leskinen

Head of Production

Inka Ikonen

Communications Manager

Lauri Talja

Head of Event Production

Laura Seppänen

Finance and Office Assistant

Kai Rinkinen

Creative Advisor

Annika Hämäläinen

Creative Producer

Serina Semi

Creative Producer

Annika Rousu

Creative Strategist, Productions & Content

Jari Olavi "Litti" Litmanen

Part-time Welfare Specialist