New creators of Troot: Part 2

The latest team members of Troot bring along special expertise, especially on Instagram, podcasts and blogs. They can also tell dozens of pasta recipes and 90’s hit songs from the top of their heads 🙋

Who am I?

Kaisa: Troot’s new Head of Productions. (Pictured right)

Reetta: An entrepreneurial cultural producer and Creative Producer at Troot. (Pictured in the middle)

Sara: Account Director of Troot with a background of studying history as a political scientist.

How did I end up at Troot?

Kaisa: I have followed what Troot is doing closely for years with advertising agency glasses on. The influencer marketing philosophy, understanding of target audience and strong strategical know-how convinced me!

Reetta: Influencer marketing has long been an interest of mine and the good atmosphere of Troot won me over. I also longed for more creativity in my work, which certainly has happened!

Sara: I’ve been working with influencer marketing for a number of years and Troot had stuck to my mind for its good influencers and reputation. The decision was easy when I met my future colleagues and heard about Troot’s way of working.

What inspires me in my work?

Kaisa: Super talented and nice co-workers! The ever changing and evolving field of influencer marketing.

Reetta: Genuinely effective content and the amazing work community <3 I like being able to see and be strongly involved in the whole process, from the idea to the finished output.

Sara: Many things! Working with people, good content from influencers, nice colleagues and interesting cases of clients to which I get to come up with solutions.

What is my passion for leisure? Something funny about me?

Kaisa: In my spare time, I cook, bike and listen to music. The British pop of the 90s, grunge, shoegaze and one-hit wonders are especially of interest! You also find a few years old kombucha plantation from my home.

Reetta: At free time, I am most likely to be found cooking good food in the kitchen or practicing on a sports field. I can tell around ten pasta recipes from the top of my head in about a second 🍝

Sara: My free time is spent listening to podcasts, reading and doing sports. Regarding podcasts, I am an omnivorous: I listen to everything from true crime to politics. If I can’t sleep at night, I’ll put a crime podcast on my headphones and soon be asleep.