How to create an effective influencer marketing campaign on Instagram?

For a successful Instagram campaign, you need the right Instagram influencers, an engaging concept, and the skill to create personalized and creative content for the channels of different influencers. Customized Instagram content campaigns are now a new addition to Troot’s service selection.

Instagram has established a strong foothold in influencer marketing. In addition to building brand image and strengthening brand loyalty, Instagram is especially worthwhile favouring when doing tactical campaigns. Troot now offers tailor-made Instagram campaigns to meet customers’ need for light and fast campaigns.

Genuine and customized content plays a key role

At the heart of influencer marketing is understanding and appreciating the relationship between the audience and the influencer. One of the strengths of Troot is creative content, which is created together with the influencer and thus appropriate for his/her channel. This ensures that the content is genuine and the desired message will resonate with the audience. This differs from, for example, influencer campaigns ordered through influencer marketing platforms, which are easy to buy but whose content are rarely influencer specific.

With carefully selected influencers, the advertiser’s message gets tailor made content. Influencer accounts with more than 10,000 followers can carry out tactical campaigns through Swipe Ups with direction traffic to ecommerce or customer’s sites.

CASE ILONA x Röhnisch

Röhnisch, a manufacturer of sportswear for women, wanted to raise brand awareness among young Finnish women and communicate new products. ILONA, a popular lifestyle vlogger, was chosen as the influencer for the campaign, and featured her favorites of Röhnisch’s products on her Instagram account. Her followers were also given the opportunity to benefit a unique discount code on Röhnisch’s online store. Through Instagram Stories, the campaign generated over 2,300 clicks.Instagram kampanja Ilona

CASE Hermanni x Avainlippu

Avainlippu wanted to raise awareness among the target group of young people, stop customers at the moment of a purchase decision and help them make a choice according to values. The goal was also to motivate Finns to buy Avainlippu (Association for Finnish Work) products and services and to help them understand the employment effect it has.

Known for his natural and reflective narrative, the vlogger Hermanni realized the campaign as an Instagram Stories quiz on Avainlippu. The implementation was an excellent example of an engaging content that sparked active debate among his followers. Of those who saw the Stories, 67% responded to the quiz.

Instagram kampanja Hermanni

Instagram campaigns are the right choice, especially for more tactical implementations or smaller launches. Big campaigns, such as changing brand image, require multichannel campaigns as well as frequency in order for the message to capture the attention of followers.

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