Troots’s cluster of influencers grows as NikojaSanttu join the gang

We got a tremendous addition to our team of influencers! The YouTube channel of these jolly mates focuses on vlogs, pranks and challenges. The fellows live under the same roof, and are known for their entertaining and nutty challenges such as what happens if you say yes to everything for 24 hours. Their playful entertainment culminates to its best at events.

The joint venture of Niko and Santtu began at a lan party in Niko’s garage in Kuopio in 2013. A couple of years later, the boys established a common YouTube channel so that, according to Niko, “we wouldn’t have to compete on whose channel to publish our joint video.” The years led the friends into different directions for a while, but in the spring of 2018, they decided to move to a shared apartment in Tampere and make a comeback on Niko and Santtu – and the rest is history! The popular channel now has over 240,000 subscribers.

Viewers’ comments motivate actions

They both think that the best thing about being an influencer is that they get to do exactly what they’ve always wanted.

“Being an influencer is a dream job where you can realize yourself,” Santtu says.

“The comments and reactions of our viewers motivate us to do things, and meeting them live is awesome,” Niko continues.

Bustle ​​and entertainment

The duo stands out from other influencers especially with their quick pace. As you can see in the videos, they rarely stop to take a break even for a second! The boys focus on positivity and do not take a stand knowingly, but concentrate purely on entertaining the audience.

Various challenges are especially in their liking. The duo is always ready, for example, to try 24/7 challenges and new things.

“The challenges and the thrill, anything where you can put yourself into a test is interesting!” they add up.