Troot invests in development, Nina Leskinen the new Country Manager of Troot Finland

We are reorganizing to invest more in strategic services and development work.

The company, founded in 2014 under the name of Töttöröö, has already changed its name to Troot, opened an office in Sweden, and grown from a YouTube network into an expert organization of over 20 people. Now Troot Group has been established as the umbrella company for the Finnish and Swedish offices, with Joona Haatainen as CEO. Sanna Rousi has been appointed as COO of the Group having previously steered Troot Finland as its Country Manager. Laura Vinogradoff, CFO of Troot Finland, has been appointed Group CFO.

Nina Leskinen takes over as the Country Manager of Troot Finland being formerly the Head of Production of the company.

“I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to participate in our growth even more strongly and to bring our expertise to a wider audience. We have a unique relationship with Nordic front line influencers and are constantly evolving as an expert company,” says Leskinen.

Troot invests in long-term and comprehensive influencer marketing. Behind this is the need for advertisers to find holistic and profitable ways of targeted influencing. Our new service, Strategic Solutions, meets this need by providing well-planned influencer marketing solutions based on the customer’s marketing strategy.

“We have recruited new experts from production, marketing and communications to enable our development and further strengthen our overall expertise. Our new team members bring know-how especially from Instagram, podcasts and blogs,” Leskinen continues.

Kaisa Suomela, who previously worked for Superson, has been nominated as the new Head of Productions. In addition Reetta Kallio, who last worked for Vapa Media, has started as a Creative Producer and Sara Nurmilaukas, who previously worked for A-lehdet, as an Account Director.