The rainbow family KAKSI ÄITIÄ ja KAKSOSET joins Troot

The good news continue, we got another great addition to our group of influencers! The rainbow family of two moms include Susanna and Ella as well as twin babies Sulo and Elsi, born in August 2018. The little ones are a speedy duo and enjoy new experiences, the colors and sounds of the surrounding world, and especially new people. It’s a joy to follow their family life and bustle from the genuine and positive channel.

The start of Susanna and Ella’s YouTube channel was influenced by many things. During the summer of 2018, when Ella was pregnant, they eagerly awaited the arrival of the twins in the world, and wanted to capture unique memories of the pregnancy and baby time as well as share their feelings with others.

“In addition, at that time, we pondered a lot about how the world around us would react to our family and children. For our part, we wanted to show that a family of two moms is just an ordinary family – neither better nor worse than other families,” they say.

The bright and lively KAKSI ÄITIÄ & KAKSOSET YouTube channel has rapidly gained popularity, with 34,300 followers at present.

Being an influencer is rewarding

The moms say they still look forward to “video days” with childlike enthusiasm. The best and most rewarding part of being an influencer is reading comments and communicating with the audience.

“Our family receives so much support and love from our followers <3 We are no longer worried about the surrounding world’s attitude towards our family – we have been so warmly welcomed,” they smile.

In addition to everyday family life and bustle, viewers are interested in the growth and development of the children. Susanna and Ella find it important with their own example to encourage viewers to be themselves and live a life that looks like them.