Three reasons to do influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is worth doing when its basis in business is in place. If you decide to give it a try, here are three good reasons why you should use influencers in marketing.

1. Influence

Well-implemented influencer marketing can deliver really effective results in terms of both brand and sales. According to our report on influencer marketing*, 75% of respondents who have seen YouTube collaborations feel that the video has aroused interest in the product being presented and 50% of them have purchased the product or service in question.

When creating a campaign yourself or briefing an agency, you should first set up clear KPIs. What do you want to accomplish? For example, effective brand building and tactical measures are difficult to combine to be achieved simultaneously. It’s therefore worth interlacing them into a long term entity, and use both an individual influencer as well as several influencers in a campaign. Click on the image below for an example on this.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Influencer marketing is a cost-effective way of producing content compared to traditional advertising. Influencers are content producers with their own media. When you produce content with them, you also get distribution to the engaged audience of the influencer.

If you want to further enhance your collaboration, you might want to agree on content usage rights with the influencer and also leverage the content in the social media advertising of your own brand. Often, a familiar face in the context improves awareness and conversion, thus also the cost-effectiveness of advertising is improved. Below is an example of leveraging an influencer as a face of advertising.

3. Scalability

Producing local content cost-effectively in international marketing is a challenge, therefore many use the same English-language promotional video in different countries. This is suitable for some brands, but often doesn’t resonate as effectively with local consumers.

Utilizing influencers is one cost-effective way also in this case. First, build an umbrella influencer strategy derived from your marketing strategy, then use technology or local partners to find appropriate content providers from the local market.

Buying in itself is quite easy these days, with buying target audience and mass media. Many times content producers with duplicate target audience from a small language market are bought, and they all make content based on the same brief. In this case advertising often backfires, or implementations are average.

Influencer marketing is so saturated that advertisers need to develop creative and truly competitive content solutions based on influencer strategy together with content providers. To make the most out of influencer marketing, its worth reserving resources to the content design and implementation phase. That’s where the magic happens.

Joona Haatainen

Ps. Need help in creating an influencer strategy or an international campaign? If so, drop me an email!

*Click here for the report on influencer marketing