Esko and Annika steer the Strategic Solutions service

As pioneers in influencer marketing, we at Troot believe in the power of well planned and long-term influence. That’s why we have taken a new leap forward by launching the Strategic Solutions service.

Our new service offers practical and comprehensive influencer marketing solutions based on the customer’s marketing strategy. In addition to strategic planning, the work can also include creative concepting, proposal for action and implementation.

Our creative strategists Esko Asikainen and Annika Rousu comprise the core team of the service. Esko is responsible for the team’s business unity and Annika for overall project management.

How does the service benefit the customer?

E: The starting point for the strategic solutions is in identifying the customer’s challenge. When this happens, the creative solution primarily also bites into solving the challenge and is not limited to the question of choosing the influencer or media, for example.

A: We always mirror solutions to the customer’s marketing strategy so that they are a natural part of their overall doing.

What do you think is most fruitful?

E: The fact that the service is not limited to a particular influencer or even necessarily to the idea of influencer marketing, but can be, for example, content marketing or an event-driven concept. The purpose of the service is to be truly solution oriented.

A: The service is genuinely based on the customer’s needs and only the sky is the limit when it comes to implementation!

What kind of feedback have you received so far?

E: The service has been very well received among customers and the idea of Troot as a creative influencer agency has taken a fine leap forward.

A: Customers have felt that we have grasped the core of the problem and come up with the right solution.

In what direction do you think influencer marketing is going?

E: I believe that influencer marketing is going in the right direction in the future. Advertisers are beginning to understand how to really leverage influencers and the fact that, despite the big hype, an influencer does not automatically guarantee effectiveness.

A: Influencer marketing will establish itself in the corporate marketing palette as part of long-term and planned doing.

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